Learn More About GC Studio

GC Studio is a robust and professional suite for micro-controller development.  GC Studio includes the Great Cow BASIC compiler which is the fastest method to program a Microchip PIC, AVR or LGT 8-bit micro-controller.

We have three main aims – to remove the need for repetitive assembly commands, to produce efficient code, and portability to take code written for one micro-controller type and run it on another micro-controller type.   The design intent is to remove the complexity of using and programming a micro-controller.

GC Studio is suitable for beginners, for those who do not like or wish to learn assembly language and for experienced micro-controller programmers with end products in mind.

The Great Cow BASIC compiler, which is at the core of GC Studio, is available for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

We have different IDEs.   All use the same common core toolchain, the difference is the user experience.

  • GC Code – the latest IDE
  • GC BASIC IDE – legacy using the SynWrite editor as the IDE
  • GC Graphical BASIC – legacy using a Graphical Programming Style