Powerful, Extensible, Intelligent.

GC Code IDE enables you with powerful tools to easily make your micro-controller projects, while at the same time being useful as an advanced editor for other tasks.

Deep integration with the GCB compiler

Tasks and GCB extension carefully programmed for a fast micro-controller development.

Multi File and Multi Root

Project and solution management, Multi file tabs and bookmarks.

Multiple programmer selection

Select between multiple programmers, auto select in cascade, customize programmer preferences.

Automatic Updates

Automated and seamless Update System that maintains the IDE, Compiler and all of the tool-chain, in a consistent and up to date state.

Support for multiple file types

You can load and view images, spreadsheets, pdf’s, markdown, cvs, html, and other types of files directly on your solution.

Compiler Error Detection Integration

Double-click on compiler errors moves the cursor to the source code error line

GIT Integration

Built-in GIT commands, Review diffs, stage files, and make commits right from the editor. Push and pull from any hosted GIT service.

Flexible Customization

Configuration without compromises, integrated and free extension gallery, huge number of themes.


Autocomplete and IntelliSense context based co-pilot for all supported languages.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting, Code Folding and programming objects outline management.

Based On Microsoft VScode

Get all the vanilla experience and receive monthly updates to match the MS release. All with an Open-Source license and No-Telemetry.

Unified Help

Integrated In-Code Documentation and context sensitive help.